Peter Jones

Born: Birmingham 1968
Studied University of Reading 1988—92
Lives and works in London

Selected exhibitions:

2019, Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London
2019, Darlings of the Underground, Subsidiary Projects, London
2019 Drawing Biennial, The Drawing Room, London
2018 Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London
2017 Make_Shift, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London
2017 Nature Morte, Guildhall Art Gallery, London
(Previously at Four Domes Pavillion, Wroclaw, Poland;
Konsthallen-Bohuslans Museum, Sweden;
Ha Gamle, Prestegard, Norway.)
2017 Drawing Biennial, The Drawing Room, London
2016 Models and Materialities, Bay Arts, Cardiff
2016 The Small Things Matter, solo show, Clifford Chance Pride Exhibition, London
2015 Drawing Biennial, The Drawing Room, London
2014 Picaresque, Ha Gamle Prestegard, Norway
2013 Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London
2013 Drawing Biennial, The Drawing Room, London
2013 Discernible, ZAP Gallery, London
2013 Degrading, Studio 1.1, London
2012 Open2012, ZAP Gallery, London
2010 Psychometry, Core Gallery, London
2009 Pretty Baa-Lambs, MADDER139, London
2008 32 Varieties, Mulberry Bond Street, solo show, London
2008 Import/Export, FRED, Leipzig, Germany
2006 Small Mischiefs, Pump House Gallery, London
2006 Monkey Paintings, solo show, FRED, London and Leipzig
2006 The Shamen Project II, Bilbao, Spain
2005 A Night on Earth, OH! Gallery, London
2005 Siege, Sidney Street, London
2004 Non Human, David Risley Gallery, London
2003  Drawing One Hundred, The Drawing Room, London
2000  Assembly, Stepney, London
1998 The Bible of Networking, Sali Gia, London
1996 The Whitechapel Open, Delfina, London 

List of selected works: (from top)

Ollie Monkey Oil on canvas (2007) 30cmx25cm
Red Squirrel Oil on wood (2010) 25cmx25cm
Kitten Oil on paper (2008) 20cmx15cm
Pug Oil on wood (2010) 25cmx20cm
Silverfish Oil on paper (2011) 20cmx20cm
Three Shells Oil on canvas (2014) 19cmx24cm
Hen Oil on paper (2011) 20cmx15cm
Winter Dog Oil on wood (2010) 25cmx25cm
The Red Dog Oil on canvas (2010) 30cmx25cm
The Mouse Oil on canvas (2011) 19cmx24cm
The Owl Oil on wood (2010) 25cmx25cm
Lamb no 7 Oil on canvas (2007) 25cmx20cm
Puppy Oil on wood (2011) 20cmx25cm
Poodle Oil on paper (2011) 20cmx25cm
The White Vase Oil on canvas (2014) 19cmx24cm
Green Finch Oil on canvas (2014) 19cmx24cm
Guinea Pig Oil on paper (2010) 15cmx20cm
Yellow Monkey Oil on canvas (2006) 25cmx20cm
Violets Oil on wood (2011) 24cmx19cm
Still life Oil on canvas (2013) 30cmx30cm
The Poppy Plant Oil on canvas (2014) 24cmx19cm
The Scarecrow Oil on canvas (2014) 24cmx19cm
Andy Oil on canvas (2017) 25cmx25cm
The Duck Oil on wood (2010) 25cmx25cm
Bear Oil on canvas (2013) 30cmx30cm
The Duck Oil on wood (2010) 25cmx25cm
Green Monkey Oil on canvas (2006) 30cmx25cm
Matt Oil on canvas (2016) 35cmx45cm
James Oil on canvas (2016) 30cmx25cm
Mole Oil on canvas (2017) 40cmx40cm
Pelican Oil on canvas (2017) 40cmx40cm
Bunny Oil on canvas (2017) 35cmx40cm
German Shepherd Dog Oil on canvas (2016) 35cmx45cm
Eelke Monkey Oil on canvas (2016) 30cmx30cm
Rhino Oil on canvas (2015) 19cmx24cm
Dog Oil on canvas (2013) 35cmx25cm
Walrus Oil on canvas (2015) 27cmx22cm
Monkey Oil on canvas (2017) 35cmx30cm
Duck Oil on canvas (2018) 20cmx25cm
Zebra Oil on canvas (2018) 25x25cm
Penguin Oil on canvas (2018) 30x25cm
Duck Oil on canvas (2019) 25x25cm

Please contact me for more information on these and other works.